Star Financial Systems is not your traditional 'fintech' company. We develop and run our platform as if we were a broker. This is no coincidence as all our directors come from a brokerage background. We know that to be forward thinking and deliver new content and innovations, first you need to have rock solid foundations built around principles of latency, reliability and the ability to scale.


As with technology the retail trading industry is continually evolving never more so than in recent times. Regulatory changes and an increasingly globalised client base means brokerages also need to change. At Star Financial Systems we don’t underestimate the importance and the challenge of keeping up with these industry changes.


The whole Star Financial Systems Team from management to developers and support work from the same office in London. We have built our entire platform ourselves from scratch and we know the industry inside out. So when you have a great idea that will benefit your customers, we will be on hand to give you quick and straightforward advice and make your ideas become reality.


Dan Moczulski, CEO

Looks after the strategy and growth of the company.

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Ben Swann, CTO

Looks after the daily operational running of the company.

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