Breakthrough Product

A Client came to us with an app-building partner looking to create a state of the art crypto mobile app allowing trading novices access to financial markets in an intuitive and appealing manner. We used Star APIs to provide the client with a full suite of risk and client management tools to facilitate this trade flow, allowing both the client and their app-builders to access all of the compliance and financial reporting functionality whilst the app builders concentrated on creating a brilliant app. 

Making the Leap

A White label of an established firm came to us wanting a platform that would enable them to have more control over the client's journey. Thanks to Star, this client is now offering over 5000 markets to their client base through their brand new, unique, and fully branded web and mobile platform (complete with comprehensive middle and back office). Since then we have continued to work together creating a platform that enables them to offer multiple web and mobile interfaces which reflect different clients’ demands for different services. All of the trade flow from these interfaces goes into the same CORE system for the client to view in one place.

Unique Platform Build

A Client who has a very strong background in marketing and sales but minimal background in retail pricing and trading engines came to us looking to build an intuitive trading platform. Due to our extensive range of documented APIs they were able to build their trading interface on top of our APIs to connect to the CORE system without ever meeting or speaking to the Star development team.

MT4 Backoffice

A client came to us needing to support their MT4 offering with a feature-rich back office. Star provided them with a platform that synchronises all of the trade and client information from MT4 in real time into the CORE middle and back office. This allows the client to use our superior finance and compliance report functionality and gives them the potential for additional product upgrades in the future.